Mar 14, 2010

A Dream!!!

I would be honored to win this contest!

I have thought long and hard over this and here is what my heart says. I am not the best writer, but here it goes, bad grammar and all...

My men. I love, serve, and God willing inspire them daily. This task is everyday, every hour, every minute.

There are days when this job God has given me seems too much, my patience runs thin or the things on the to do list don't get crossed off...but everyday I love them regardless. Mommies don't get sick days, we just keep going, because we have to, we want to. Everyday I encourage them, I put myself aside willingly for them. This chapter in my life, raising men after God's own heart and loving a man who is "Wild At Heart", is crazy, but I feel this is the most important chapter in my life's' book, for these men are a part of my legacy, HIS legacy I am committed to them, all the days of my life for they are nothing short of a miracle.
I love. With all that is in me, unconditionally, without needing a thank you, without hesitation, restrain,boundaries,or conditions...

Now this unconditional love I give is more easily given to my kids, rather than my husband. Sad, I know. I work on it daily, reminding Paul what a great father he is, how Gods provision is so perfect, how I would not be who I am without him. I know sounds so cliche' but it is down right the truth. It is hard to put someones thoughts and feelings before your own...seems so unnatural to me,I am not perfect at it, but I will continue to get better. I will Continue to read Gods word, and pray it keeps changing me.

I hope with my whole heart that I inspire them. My dream would be to inspire my boys to run hard after the Lord with all that is in them, it is so worth the reward. I hope I inspire them to take risks, to be brave and stand up for what they believe in. I pray they know failure is not the end result, and that we learn many things about grace and forgiveness through it. I hope I inspire them to love, to be blinded by color and simply see humanity and not skin.. I pray everyday that I as their mother will inspire them to find women who Love the Lord, and who will love them for them.

Now for your workshop and what it would mean to me to be able to attend. Where do I start? Although you are worth every penny and more, I would otherwise have to save up for who knows how long to attend one of your workshops. My husband has been out of a job since Sept 09 and we use my photography money to make ends meet. Thankfully the Lord has ALWAYS provided and we are abundantly blessed for that. Plus we have each other so we would be rich regardless. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by someone who has inspired my own creativity. Not to mention the other amazing people I could learn from who will also attend. I would be able to take a couple days and focus on the third love of my life...capturing people and creating moments. A huge BONUS is I would have a couple days away from snot, diapers, lollipops and other wonderful kid things that I am sure going to miss when they are grown and gone.

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Fibia said...

You are such an amazing woman, I love you and admire you!